10 Carbon Conundrums
Coincidental Observations Pairings of events and images through coincidental dates
As told by Lisdebertus to Cedric Tlapaltotoli
10 three-panel dual-sided folios held in wraparound folder
laminated pigment on paper in etched aluminum box with HDPE insert.
Offering #8 of an edition of 10
$6,500 USD
A visual and textual commentary on our world’s changing circumstances addressing 10 fundamental issues we face, such as inhabitants of this planet – genetic manipulation, chemical manufacturing, pollution and Man’s incessant resource exploitation. Each issue is presented in a 3-panel folio using dual-sided printing and features images, text, graphs and a reference to a specific piece of music which inspired that folio.
©Malulu Editions 2016
47 Diaries
1929 - 2009
A compilation from Ruth Troeller’s diaries and papers now held at Stanford University Libraries

15 copies with 3 artist proofs
24” x 20”, 64 pages, cloth bound
archival pigment on Hahnemühle paper
Design and photographs by Luis Delgado
Texts by Marlita Kahn and Luis Delgado
This book is for the viewer who likes topologies, feminism, european history, philosophy and who will enjoy perusing the unfolding visual narrative of 80 years of handwritten memories, personal thoughts and philosophical musings in German, French and English from a very personal  point of view.
© Malulu Editions 2014
Loteria Cosmologica
Editions 1996 - 2008

1996 Edition
41 Cards, silver gelatin prints mounted on board, backed with textured paper.
Sleeved in individual titled envelopes, archival cardboard or wood box with
instructions in Spanish and English.
$10,000.00 USD

2008 Edition
15 copies and 3 artist proofs
41 Cards numerically printed on board with pigment inks,
varnished and backed with textured paper.
Sleeved in individual titled envelopes,
custom linen covered box with instructions in Spanish and English.
Loteria Cosmologica is a titled deck of cards akin to the Tarot in that it can be used for divination and self-enlightenment. The cards depict iconographic images of universal human values and attributes focusing on the relationships between man and nature and on the structure of society. As you play this game, use the card titles as messages for interpretation and divination. During play, a single card begins to reveal your story, the combination of your entire hand deepens the revelation, and the final interpretation comes from within you.
Published by Califrisco Press
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