A curated collection of photography books and folios,
from the United States, Latin America & Europe.
Malulu Editions,publishes artistic works of unique cultural significance its editions are available as artist books, print folios, monographs and fine art prints.
Print Folios
Malulu print folios are curated archival folios of fine art prints presented in handmade boxes. All special editions include a perfect bound monograph of the folio images, an artist statement and curatorial interpretation.

Malulu monographs are perfect bound versions of the Malulu print folios.These monographs are print on demand available through magcloud.com.
A full selection is available here.

Artists Books
Malulu Editions artist books integrate fine printing while exploring book structures and themes. These artist books are held by museums, institutions and private collectors.
Collector Prints
Malulu offers a selection of fine art prints by recognized artists. Prints are offered in a variety of sizes and printing techniques.

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